All the levels except Circo Massimo will be asigned by audition.

You will be asked to self evaluate you and choose a level in the registration form BUT keep in mind than this can be changed by the teachers after the auditions if they consider it appropriate. If that is the case, don't worry! This will garanteed the best learning experience for everyone ;)

Please read the level descriptions and choose the level that truly suits you.



circo massimo

Welcome! This is your level if you have never danced Blues before (or maybe you have taken one or two tasters) and you want to start to work on your basics and have a first contact to Blues dance feeling and aesthetics.


fontana di trevi

This is your level if you’ve started to learn Blues dancing less than one year ago and you want to master the basics and start to expand your vocabulary.
These classes will allow you to feel more comfortable and enjoy parties all night long.



You have been taking regular blues dance classes for more than a year and / or have attended blues dance workshops and festivals.
You are confident with your basics and have a pot of vocabulary but you want to expand your vocabulary and develop your musicality so you feel comfortable dancing to a range of tempos and different styles of blues music.


fori imperiali

You take regular blues dance classes and attend blues dance workshops and festivals from at least two years. You are an experienced blues dancer and feel comfortable dancing to all tempos and different styles of blues music. You have strong lead/follow skills and understand the importance and role of each partner in blues dance.
You are here to take your dancing to the next level. You understand that great basics make great dancers and would happily spend classes on refining your technique and layering on top of it.




You are among the top dancers in the international scene.
You have been taking regular blues dance classes for a number of years and travel regularly to develop your knowledge of the dance.
You may teach blues and / or make finals in competitions.
You have good quality of movement, both solo and partnered.
You can’t get enough of the technique and understand that it is the small details that make a big difference!
You are here to work hard, discover and create new ideas, and deepen your understanding of blues, and your body.